20 Year 10 students from Dubbo College Delroy and South Campuses were identified by their schools to participate in the 2016 Mulgabirra program.  Last term the students participated in team building activities at Buninyong Public School, and were matched to a class.  The students now volunteer at Buninyong PS each Tuesday for 20 weeks, where they assist teachers in classrooms for part of the day.  Mulgabirra students tutor younger students in reading, and assist with numeracy and other subjects.  They enjoy playing with the children in the playground.  These students are enrolled in the Certificate 1 in Active Volunteering, which they complete with the assistance of literacy teachers when not on class at Buninyong.  These students will participate in the Youth Opportunities program later in the year by trialling the literacy kits with the Buninyong students.

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